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 We're Off to See a Penguin!

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Septimus Brown
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Septimus Brown

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PostSubject: We're Off to See a Penguin!   Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:59 pm

Sep woke up around 7, in the Momos cabin. It was the day, the day they headed out to the quest. Sitting up, he rubbed his eyes, and blinked a few times, getting used to the light. Then he got out of bed, changed, and gathered the backpack he'd put together the night before. It was the very same backpack Clay had given him, the day Alex... you get the point. He'd put some food, ambrosia, nectar, water, and the book his father gave him. Of course, there were two broken pieces of plastic in there too (he didn't even know why he packed them), but he tried not to think about them. Instead, he threw the bag over his shoulder, and walked out of his cabin, towards the hill. He hoped this would just be a quick leaving, and not a whole bunch of people gathered there, watching them leave.

It turned out, he was the first one there. So he plopped himself down next to the dragon, leaning his back against the tree. He closed his eyes, and started to think, about a bunch of stuff. He tried to remember the parts of the dance he forgot, thinking about why he was going on this quest, about Alex, about a bunch of stuff. He seemed to be thinking a lot lately, and had gotten much more silent. In fact, he'd barely been speaking at all, and only spoke when spoken to. He knew why, but he didn't really want to say. He'd much rather just be silent, waiting.

((Ugh. Such shortness DX))
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Alexander Jones
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Alexander Jones

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PostSubject: Re: We're Off to See a Penguin!   Sat Jun 30, 2012 6:39 am

Alex didn't know where he was, he looked ¬°every, all around him, ice. But there was one thing off, he was naked. He should be freezing to death, but no, he wasn't cold at all. He walked through the ice, hearing the crunching sound through his feet. And then he heard sounds, kids yelling, "GET OUT HERE!" Alex looked around, he saw a mountain, he could here the sounds, "GET OUT OF HERE DAMMIT!" Alex heard, the weird thing, his mouth had moved in syncronization of the words, but a sound hadn't come out. And the words sounded like his voice, then an explotion went off in the mountain.

Alex's eyes opened up. He had been meditating, he had been for two hours. That was his minimum. He looked at the cabin, all of his half sisters and brothers there. He packed up some stuff. Like clothes, weapons, his mirror, his phone that he never used to call, and a debit card that had a million dollars, he put his things in the FC Barcelona backpack, he put on his Spanish Soccer Team Jersey, then his Lakers hoodie, jeans, Lakers Hat, and a watch.

Alex sighed and walked out of the Cabin, it was 7 in the morning, it was still kind of darkish outside, people who were outside looked at him, he sighed again, and went up to the Hill. Seeing Sep there, "Hey, Sep." Alex said, then Alex thought back to the day at the Beach, where Clove had kissed him.
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Sophie Rainde
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Sophie Rainde

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PostSubject: Re: We're Off to See a Penguin!   Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:47 pm

((just a one-time reply, to say goodbye))

Sophie had gone to bed very late, because she had stayed behind to clean up the decorations and such for the dance. Still, she was determined to wake up early, even though she knew she would regret it later. Why? Well, the quest members were leaving soon, and Sophie wanted to say goodbye, and wish them luck. Maybe she could give them any last minute advice, though she doubted that. She was a bit in the dark with this whole thing, and she didn't know half the things that had happened for this whole quest to start. She was planning on talking to Clove later, since this seemed to originate from her and her boyfriend. But she put that out of her mind, for now.

Sophie got out of bed reluctantly, and checked the clock on the wall. It was 7:15 in the morning, about time she got up anyway. She got up quietly, so as to not wake up her siblings, who were sound asleep. After getting dressed, Sophie slipped out of Cabin 6, and made her way to the hill, trying not to drag her feet.

After making it to the Hill, Sophie was a bit surprised to see only two other people there, shadowy figures, since the sun was still rising. The ground was wet with dew, and soon, Sophie's feet were soaked, her sandals not much protection from the grass. At this point, Sophie just wanted to go back to sleep, so she decided not to hang around. If these people were quest members, she'd wish them good luck, then high tail it out of there. Quest or not, Sophie was not in the mood to hang around and chat.

As she neared Thalia's Tree, Sophie saw who the two people there were. One was Septimus, who she orignally knew as Punch Guy. He was one of the three questers. The other was Alex, someone Sophie was actually familier with, and a friend. No one else was there, so Sophie decided to just say what she had to say to these two guys, then leave. That way, she could sleep, and they could frolic around, or whatever these guys would do until they left for their quest.

Sophie finally made it to the crest of the hill, where Septimus and Alex stood. She trudged over to them, and started speaking, without a preamble. "Good luck on your quest," she said, not speaking to anyone in particular. She tried to keep her tone fresh, without any grumpiness. "And don't die," she said, directing that at Alex. She didn't really know Septimus, so she couldn't speak for him, but she was sure, somehow or another, one of the two boys was going to cause trouble. She paused, and tried to think of what else to say. She didn't know anything about the quest, not even where they were going, but she scanned their appearances for clues. Judging by their clothing, somewhere cold.

Sophie rubbed her eyes, then tried to clear her mind, so she could figure out what to say next. She didn't want to seem ignorant, and she wanted to say something to help. She didn't have any ideas, however. "If you ever need help, just contact camp." After saying that, Sophie really couldn't think of anything else. "I'll see you when you get back. Goodbye." Sophie nodded at each of the boys, then turned around, and started heading back down the hill. She'd said everything she needed to, and she wanted sleep. Hopefully, they were smart enough to survive. Sophie entered Cabin 6, then crawled back into her bunk bed fully clothed, ready to forget about the quest, until she woke up again.
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PostSubject: Re: We're Off to See a Penguin!   

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We're Off to See a Penguin!
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