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 The Only ONE (PG-13)

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PostSubject: The Only ONE (PG-13)   Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:42 am

I posted this in HBH, but I'll post in here as well.

Okay, so I have decided to start a fanfic, this is basically a 25 year old who doesn't know where he is or who he is, except that he doesn't belong, and that he is super powerful. The guys name is James, but he doesn't know that.

So here I go, this is my first one so it may suck, you can comment, just keep it to a minimum or PM me your comments

Chapter One

James opened his eyes barely and noticed a bright LED light shining above him swaying. He could tell that wherever he was, he was moving fast. Wait, who was he again? What time is it? In fact, what year is it? Before he could process anything the barrel of a gun came into view, pointing directly at his face. A deep, scruffy voice asked, "Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here?"
James scrambled back, "I don't know who I am."
The man quickly responded, cocking the handgun, "I don't play games fool, now WHO ARE YOU?"
He repeated, "I don't know, honestly, I don't even know where I am."

Of course the man had to not believe him, anytime but now, "Fine then, I'll just shoot you, but for your information, you are on a train moving 90 miles an hour towards a cliff." The man raised his arm to shoot him, but James lashed out with intense speed, where did that come from?!?! It was way faster then the man could have gone, he knew that, and even the man looked astounded as the gun clattered across the floor. James scrambled up and lunged for the gun, the train seeming to go faster then before. He felt something nail him in the head and he noticed the mans face, it was one of the ugliest sites you could ever see, a pure black eye for one side, then a regular, blue eye on the other. His face was distorted in so many ways. He barely reached the gun before the man did, but the man knocked it out of his hands and grabbed it, pointing it at his forehead. All of a sudden James felt super powerful and he didn't think he pushed upwards, but the man was flying twords the door.

James scrambled back up again, pointed his hand at the man as instincts and shot something more powerful than that handgun could have shot. With a flash of blue light, the man was gone. He rubbed his head and asked himself, "Who the hell am I?" Could seeing himself tell him more? Maybe. He scrambled to a mirror and what he saw was a regular 25 year old man with short black hair and blue eyes and the startings of a beard. He stood at about 6'2, maybe, and he was wearing a plain white shirt with jeans. Nothing, he still didn't know his name. As he was turning away something caught his eye, on his neck was a tatoo, but not an ordinary tatoo, he knew this had some meaning to it. It was mighty simple, but mighty powerful all at the same time, in small letters it said The Only, the right below it was the number 1. However, right below the 1 was more text, Redoamer.

He looked back at his hands and out popped some strange mechanism, whatever it was completely incinerated that man. James entered the passenger cabin to ask what year it was, and it was in chaos, passengers were screaming and workers were yelling to calm people. He just walked right up to a man, who froze in place, as if time stopped, James looked around, it did. Whatever strange powers he had, they were mighty powerful, and if he was a kid, he would say fucking awesome. Time suddenly unfroze and he asked, "What year is it?"
The worker responded, "2057"
"Thanks," James responded. He knew that there was no way that this train was going to stop before its death fall, so there was only one option, jump. So that is exactly what he planned to do. He opened a door and looked out, the wind whipping his face, trees to the left, and a city to the right with what looked like hover police cars. So he took the chance with the trees and jumped, and he somehow survived without a scratch, somehow he achieved that, apparently no normal human could do that, but then again, he didn't seem normal at all.

When James turned around, he froze in his place, on a banner on a skyscraper, though miles away, he could clearly read it, it read, Wanted, James McMannigan, the last Redoamer Thing was, that was his face on the banner, that answered his question at who he was, James, but he still had no idea on what the hell a Redoamer was, but whatever it was, he was the last of them, that would explain the strange tatoo, maybe he was the only one? Hence the Only 1 part? Maybe he was of a different race? That was possible, maybe he was to save the race, he didn't know. All he cared about right now was finding a safe place to rest and hopefully find help. So James set off across the train tracks, and he could hear the screams as innocent humans flew over the cliff in the runaway train. He headed off into the city, where he felt that it was the only place he could find help at the moment, even if he was wanted, it sure could provide help, even if it was dangerous, hey, he had extraordinary powers apparently right? Whatever he was, he was The Only ONE.
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The Only ONE (PG-13)
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