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 Rules Of The Arcade ~ PLEASE READ

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Rules Of The Arcade ~ PLEASE READ Empty
PostSubject: Rules Of The Arcade ~ PLEASE READ   Rules Of The Arcade ~ PLEASE READ EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 11:08 pm

If you would like to post a game in the arcade, please send a message to one of our staff with a brief description of the game. We will either approve it, and you will be able to post it in this forum, or we will disapprove it, which means that you can't post it. This aims to cut back on games that center themselves around spamming.

Any games posted without staff approval will be immediately locked (when we notice).

Please state in the first post that your game has been accepted by a staff member and which one so we don't have mix-ups on which games have and haven't been accepted. One of the admins (mostly me) will post in some of the threads saying if you need 5 words. Only in the threads that canbe unclear.

Hecate and Arabella Adams
Rules Of The Arcade ~ PLEASE READ Julie_16
Set by Hades from HBH. Isn't he just amazing?
Rules Of The Arcade ~ PLEASE READ D6715e91
Siggy by Jean and Bonnie's graphic shop on HBH
Hecate speaks in #990066
Trivia speaks in #26466D
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Rules Of The Arcade ~ PLEASE READ
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