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 Let's Greek dance! ((OPEN))

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Let's Greek dance! ((OPEN)) Empty
PostSubject: Let's Greek dance! ((OPEN))   Let's Greek dance! ((OPEN)) EmptyWed Oct 24, 2012 9:44 pm

Andreana had adjusted to camp pretty well in the last couple weeks, she'd gotten claimed, found her place, made some friends, gotten a wonderful boyfriend, but there was always something missing. Even her friends from back home she didn't miss that much anymore. After some thought Andreana could put her finger on it. It was the lack of culture here. Of course camp wasn't going to be the town she was used to but she couldn't help but feel a lack of everything. She rarely heard Greek being spoken, the smell of fresh baked goods were nowhere to be smelt, she would never see yiayias or papous outside (for obvious reasons) but just camp in general was lacking in what Andreana felt to be everything. In Greece people could just start randomly playing instruments and before you'd know it there would be people dancing and bringing out food, the'd have their own glendi right on the spot. The only singing and instrument playing she heard was at the campfire each night and even then, it was just cam songs, nothing traditional nothing to start a party. Sighing Andreana pulled on her discolored sneakers and slipped her coin and iPod into her pocket. If the camp wasn't going to be Greek, she herself might as well try to stay with it.

All the way to the Amphitheater, Andreana had her headphones in singing to various Greek raps and even some traditional songs she had learned from her Greek Dance troupe back home. At the moment she didn't care who heard her or what they thought, she was just feeling a tad bit homesick and going from a neighborhood where everything was over the top Greek stuff to a camp with none of that, it was like something had just sucked her dry. If people were curious to as what she was doing they could join her, the more the merrier in Andreana's opinion. 

As soon as she got to the Amphitheater Andreana made a beeline for the stage. She let out a sigh of relief to find there was barely anyone here. Andreana didn't have stage fright, in fact she loved being onstage, but it was different when people could see her without make up and she could see them. It almost made her feel subconscious about herself. Even if she was to Greek dance alone for the time being it would look weird to a passerby without anyone else dancing with her. Heck it would probably just look weird to anyone not used to seeing the dances, but she just shrugged it off. Maybe camp needed to be exposed to it or something.

Andreana leaned into one hip as she searched through her songs. She had a decent amount, mostly Greek rap, but there were quite a few folk songs, more then Andreana expected. Maybe her friend from back home had transferred some over? She didn't really know but she was glad she had some, more to choose from. She finally came to a decision when the blue highlighter came over badoska, a song from Thraki in northern Greece. She loved the dances from Thraki, each one was energetic. Andreana had always thought these dances were more bouncy because of the coolness in Northern Greece, they needed to stay warm or something. Pressing play on the song she quickly shoved the iPod in her pocket so she could start on que. Thankfully the song had a very long, and rather ear splitting beginning. Andreana bounced in her heels as if counting the beats before the real music began. 

Starting with the right foot, there was 3 skips to the right before there was a single hop with her left foot near her right ankle. After that, three cross steps, leading with the right, going back to the left. After that step Andreana uncrossed her right leg, leaving the ground with a little hop, doing the same with her left before crossing the right foot over again to do a sort of ball change before falling right back into the three skips! To Andreana the steps were simple! It had taken her barely anytime to catch on when she first learned it. In general, Greek dancing was simple. It was just a series of simple steps put together and repeated until the music was over. You didn't have to even be good at dancing to be able to Greek dance. Andreana though had been Greek dancing (and dancing in general) for as long as she could remember so she added her own flair to the steps, doing a turn instead of skipping forward or doing the same thing backwards. Jumping a little more then she was really supposed to. Little things that added some flair to a rather simple dance but by the end of it Andreana was out of breath basically dripping sweat, luckily not that badly. Finding a seat on the edge of the stage Andreana set her iPod to shuffle and sat down to catch her breath.

Dancing this suite was tiring, and it wasn't like the weather helped all that much. Laying on her back Andreana stared at the sky remembering the time before she had left for New Jersey when her dad and herself had their good friends over. They were of course Greek, and that night they held their own little glendi, at least the kids did. Outside on the patio they had an iPod hooked up to a speaker playing all the folk songs they hand. There were only four of them there but their was still much going on. While two or three were dancing another was roasting smores. Even later on in the night they had even started to teach each other Greek, writing down words and phrases. By the end of the night everyone was dripping in sweat with sticky hands and lips, speaking whatever phrases had been passed around. 

A small smile fluttered across Andreana's lips. That night had  defiantly been one of the best nights of her life as simple as it was. Sometimes the simple joys in life made the sweetest memories. If only camp was like that...

Andreana suddenly sat up. It may have been a small selfish desire but she suddenly felt determined to introduce some sort of culture into this camp. 'Just like home...' Andreana thought a little dreamily. Also this whole came was made up of half Greeks, they were practically missing a part of their lives! If you were part Spanish would you just ignore the fact you were Spanish? Hopefully not and being Greek didn't change anything. Culture didn't mean learning to Greek dance but that seemed like a good place to start. Now the only problem was trying to find people willing to learn how to dance. Anything new or different often felt looked down upon in America and Andreana assumed it would be no different here.
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Let's Greek dance! ((OPEN))
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