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 I just want to steal something! ((Rose & Johnny))

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Elizabeth Parker
Daughter of Dionysus

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PostSubject: I just want to steal something! ((Rose & Johnny))   Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:44 pm

“One, two, three…”

Sit ups, back ups, push ups. Parker had done all the ‘ups’ she could think about, and yet she still bored. The daughter of Dionysus had done all the class: climbing lava walls (which she did excellently), canoeing (so-so, but she did it pretty well), running (now this was her other expertise, so she aced it quite good), archery (Parker almost land an arrow on another camper’s butt but no one was harmed. Until she accidentally swatted her bow to another boy’s head.). Well, there’s pegasus-riding but the blonde always missed that one. She still got that peculiar fright towards those four-legged animals, despite the wings or not. Parker rather avoided her nightmares then facing them. That’s one of the reason why she was so childish from time to time.

After that short work out, she decided to get her cabin a make over, starting with the bed. However, instead of making it neat, she yanked the sheets and used them as curtains. Another not-so-normal idea from the blonde girl, just like when she decided to draw a dinosaur in a graduation card. A scary, blood-dripping-from-its-teeth dinosaur with beady eyes. Archy almost had a heart attack when he found little Parker proudly pushing that card up his nose, insisting him to give that card to the master thief’s graduating grandaughter. It was a nightmare in a five pound bag.  But, back to the present, Parker eventually got bored with what she was doing yet again. Now she was strolling outside, whistling innocently to the flock of people, swiftly scanning the perimeter.

Now, it’s been a while since Parker did any lifts, let alone heist. He tried to steal Johnny’s ring and ended up spending a night at his cabin, which was not the best situation she could be in. Thank goodness that the son of Apollo was forgiving, otherwise her own father might disowned her. Unfortunately, her hands were still itchy from stealing something; anything, really. Pacing towards the Sound, she quickly saw several Aphrodite’s children squealing while they splashed water towards each other.


The daughter of Dionysus’ whistle went louder as she walked slowly towards the flock, softly bumping one before she apologized with a soft voice. Soon enough, she got a Gucci wallet in her hand which she twirled in relief… Until she bumped into someone else. Widening her eyes, she quickly hid the item behind her back.

“Hi.” Her voice was thick with guilt, and seeing that the person knew who Parker was… She might be in for a long lecture.
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Son of Apollo

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PostSubject: Re: I just want to steal something! ((Rose & Johnny))   Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:02 am

Another trivial day at Camp Half-Blood. Spending the day wandering, Johnnyboy found his mind wandering back to the city, to Manhattan. He was discontent being here, to state it simply. The gang had come with a purpose, with a goal. To find Daggerdeath, and then return to living on the streets. Except Johnny had a feeling Clove was gone. Not just in the obvious way that she had disappeared on some quest (although he was fairly certain she wasn’t coming back from that either). But the gang part of her. Clove had been gone even longer than Johnny had, and he could feel himself starting to feel…tamed. Like he wasn’t in charge of himself anymore, the feeling of empowerment he felt in New York. Now he just felt like a caged animal, less like Johnnyboy and more like Marvel. And he didn’t like it.

Dejectedly thinking this, Johnnyboy kicked a stone around in the main cabin area. He had been feeling disconnected since the day they’d first come, when he’d been claimed by Apollo. And as the days passed and passed, and nothing new happened, this feeling intensified. Not only had Clove disappeared, but Brawler had as well. And then Johnny could never find Glam or Cleaver…and he had felt more alone than ever.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely true that nothing had happened. Small events had occurred, such as catching somebody in the middle of trying to steal something from him. A smile twitched on his face as he thought of Parker’s expression when he had caught her. The action hadn’t been appreciated, but Johnny had been forgiving, considering it was the only thing that was even worth thinking about that had happened recently. Continuing to kick the rock around, Johnnyboy finally ended up in front of the Apollo cabin again. With a sigh, and a final kick, Johnny entered the golden cabin and looked around distastefully. It was empty now, not that it mattered. Johnnyboy hated spending any time in the cabin, and the only elongated time he spent here he used to sleep. So he did his business quickly, changing into a sleeveless t-shirt, basketball shorts, and faded sneakers. Twisting his ring onto his finger, Johnnyboy left the cabin promptly.

There were a few places Johnny could have gone from there. He knew what others expected him to do; Cleaver would expect him in the arena, and other campers in maybe the infirmary or Big House. But Johnnyboy had no desire of doing what others expected of him, at least not now. So he directed his footsteps elsewhere, letting both them and his mind wander. As he did so, he absent-mindedly twisted his ring around his finger. This went on for a little while, and Johnnyboy’s eyes glazed over camp buildings as he passed them.

Eventually, the dirt changed to sand and Johnnyboy looked down. He had walked all the way to the Long Island Sound. Considering it for a moment, Johnny shrugged and continued in. He heard squeals coming from a small distance away, but he ignored them. Campers having a fun day at the beach. None of his concern. Johnny walked a little longer, not paying any particular attention to anything. Something needed to happen, or Johnny was going to die of boredom. He could already feel himself starting to feel like he was losing his purpose…

Before Johnnyboy could think about it any further, he ran into someone. Or rather, they backed up into him. He was about to snap at that person, to tell them to watch where they were going, until he saw who it was. Parker. And another attempt at stealing. Yeah, this day could get more interesting. Noticing the wallet in Parker’s hand, he grabbed her wrist and held it up, so the wallet was visible. He let a smirk open on his face, and said, “You really need to stop getting caught.”
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Rose Drasi
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PostSubject: Re: I just want to steal something! ((Rose & Johnny))   Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:55 pm

Rose practically lived on her schedule now. After a month at the camp there was nothing new to do, and so she just followed her schedule. After eating breakfast at the mess hall, Rose returned to the Hermes cabin (not that she was a child of Hermes) and looked at her schedule. She groaned. A free section. Nothing to do. Rose considered just staying in the cabin to do some reading or something, but she couldn't be in that cabin for another second, so Rose decided to go for a walk. It was healthy. Leaving her sword, and just bringing her bow and arrows, Rose wandered around aimlessly.

Looking around, Rose saw that it was a nice day. She rarely watched the weather since the days on the street and the loss of her garden. But still, there were only a couple clouds in the otherwise spotless, blue sky and she could smell flowers. Locating them, Rose spotted a small cluster of lavender. Of course there were only a few. Lavender never did well in large groups. She picked one of them and inhaled. It was just like the ones she had had at home. At her old home. Her smile fading, Rose tossed the flower on the ground and walked away. She hated thinking about the past or future. Every time she thought of the past, Rose mourned her old life. Every time she thought of the future, she could only see the probability of a slow, painful death.

Rose finally decided to go to the beach. She needed a good distraction. Going down to the sand, there was a good one. Daughters of Aphrodite splashing each other. In Rose's opinion, they were disturbing the peace. She kept on walking. There was Parker and a boy, who was holding her wrist. There was a wallet in Parker's hand, which was obviously stolen, otherwise the boy wouldn't be holding her wrist, making the wallet visible to everyone around. Curious, Rose walked over to them. "What's going on?" she asked. More directly at Parker, "Have you been stealing again?"
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PostSubject: Re: I just want to steal something! ((Rose & Johnny))   

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I just want to steal something! ((Rose & Johnny))
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