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 Top 10 tips for a good RP!

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Top 10 tips for a good RP! Empty
PostSubject: Top 10 tips for a good RP!   Top 10 tips for a good RP! EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 2:18 am

Hello and welcome to the top ten tips I have thought up to help improve role plays! Not everybody will put things in the same order as I do but all tips put together should be able to help you improve your RP's. If you're unsure about something and want a tip, I'm here for you, just shoot a PM!

As for the list, these are things that should help your posts significantly.

1: Use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling!! A few mistakes don't hurt but if you can't understand the post as potential replier, you won't reply. If you have trouble with these things the advice is to use word or another spell-checking program.

2: Try to match the post lenght of the other person. A little longer or shorter doesn't matter but people find it really frustrating to find a reply of three lines when they had thirty. Longer, on the other hand, is usually no problem at all.

3: Decide what parts need replies. Some people manage to write very long replies but if you can't think of anything that your character would say to it, don't make up a random comment that doesn't fit. Sometimes things are just done and you're ready for the next subject in the RP.

4: Keep moving forward! It's all nice to have long conversations and all but time keeps ticking so make sure you do more than just reply. Try adding something new every once in a while so you don't keep in the same 5 minutes for the entire thread.

5: Don't make your replies too extreme. I've noticed some people make their characters defeat ten monsters without taking a scratch while others can't fight a single monster without almost dying. Try to find a proper balance between how good or bad your character is at something. Get injuries but try to make them match your opponent. If you fight 3 hellhound without an injury, you're doing something wrong. Same goes for being chopped to pieces by one monster after months of extensive training.

6: Read your post before posting it. Many typo's and other errors get sorted if you read them and so it's a good idea to review your own posts before pressing the send button. It also helps you to find out if things are clear and if your post flows right so it's a very handy thing to do.

7: Keep things clear. If you're in a thread with several people things can get confusing. Color coding is one thing that can help but one of the major things is making paragraphs. People can read your reply in phases rather than try to chew that huge chunk of information. You don't try to eat the entire chicking do you? No, you chop it in pieces and eat it one by one.

8: Know your character! Some people do little more than talk in their replies. Make sure you know your character so you can say what they think and feel. It helps to lengthen your posts and makes it easier for people to understand your character. It can also help you to make replies easier. If you already know what your character would do when you read the reply people give you, it'll take less time to figure out what your reply should be.

9: Keep an eye on the surroundings. If you don't do anything with the place where you have your Rp's, there is no point in picking a place at all. If you ignore the waves and the sand on the beach you could have gone to the woods or the cabin area. If you make your character notice the surroundings it will add length and reason. Apart from that most people can get muse if you use the surroundings. Flowers, stars and waves can all be used to help your posts along.

10: Use details. Minor details can improve a post and give other people something to reply to. Just saying your char is figetting with a necklace or something can make the other person ask what the necklace is, muse, a new conversation and general lenght improvement can result from proper detailing. Also, feelings are often associated with movements. Shuffling feet or fidgetting can help set the image of a nervous person.

Those were the things that generally help to improve lenght and general quality. I hope this list helps people with their role plays and feel free to leave your own tips in the comments!

I wish you all happy Role-Playing and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Top 10 tips for a good RP! Seph_c10

Top 10 tips for a good RP! TCK1
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Top 10 tips for a good RP!
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