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 Sleep ((Open, PG-13 just in case))

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Sleep ((Open, PG-13 just in case)) Empty
PostSubject: Sleep ((Open, PG-13 just in case))   Sleep ((Open, PG-13 just in case)) EmptySun Jun 03, 2012 3:15 am

Karen was practicing in the arena with a boy a year younger than her. She was practically beating him up with the sword, he hadn't even touched her while he was bruised all over. She then ducked a swipe and spun around, her brown hair in a ponytail whipping around with her, she came back up facing him and got him on the neck, making him stagger backwards and falling on his butt. "Good match. That'll be it for today." she said, brushing the hair that had fallen across her face behind her ears, sweat was dripping down her face. She helped him up and told him to go sit down, she had gotten so good she could best most people. She felt sweat trickle down her chest and onto her stomach and she smelled herself without trying to, she smelled disgusting, not to mention her hair probably looked horrible, she needed to shower. She sheathed her sword on her belt and headed towards her cabin to she could set things down then go shower like she needed to do.

She stepped inside and surprised it was empty, it was the Hermes cabin and it was empty! That never happend. She placed her sword on the hook by her bunk and grabbed her shower stuff, fresh clothes, a towel, and soap and shampoo and hairbrushes and things like that. Karen then headed towards the bathhouse knowing it was virtually empty. She was right on it being empty, so she headed inside and chose a stall and closed the curtain behind her for privacy. She then undressed and stepped under the hot water. Once she rinsed herself off and showered, she got dressed in tennis shoes, jeans, and a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, then headed to the sink and dried out her hair and brushed it. She let her brown hair stay on her shoulders because she didn't think there was a need to do her hair anyway else. She then stepped out of the bathhouse and headed back to the Hermes cabin and put her shower stuff back in it along with dirty clothes. She grabbed her sword and put it on her belt again, even though she probably didn't need it, it was always nice to have.

She figured the Hermes Cabin wasn't the best place take a nap so she headed to a place where she could rest over looking the camp, Half-Blood Hill. She had only crossed over the border a few days ago, starting her summer session. It probably wasn't safe to head back to New York each year in case she was a powerful Half-Blood, but she wanted to see her mom in person, which wasn't possible via Iris Message, she wanted to stand next to her and actually hug her. She had crossed that border for the first time 5 years ago to the day in fact. So Karen headed up to the Hill, she passed some satyrs and campers, but nothing exciting, every so often she brushed a loose strand of hair out of her face. She made her way up to the top of the Hill and sat down, her back leaning against Thalia's Pine Tree. She rested her head on it and realized how sleepy she was, maybe one little nap. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, and she had the the usual demigod dream, a vision or something, but it probably meant nothing.

Karen stood at the top of a hill overlooking New York City, but New York City wasn't normal, it was in ruins, monsters were roaming the street, stepping over flipped over cars and fires. The city that never slept, her home, was destroyed, overrun by monsters. She then realized she was sobbing, she could feel tears trickling down her cheek. A loose strand of hair fell over her face and she pushed it away. Karen realized it was stupid, but her dream self ignored her thoughts, she began to walk down a street that she recognized as Wall Street, how she got from the hill to Wall Street she had no idea. A hell hound lunged at her and she sliced at it, vaporizing it. She felt like she could take on anything. She met even more monsters, killing them with ease, but eventually a huge shadow loomed overhead. It was like Typhon, but worse, it bent down and picked her up, despite her slicing, and clawing. It brought her up to eye level and began to squeaze, she screamed out for help, but none came, then her vision went black.

With that Karen woke with a start, realizing she was screaming for help in reality to, she saw a demigod standing over her, several more might have been on the way. Somehow, she thought that dream had something to do with her Fatal Flaw, the thing all demigods had that was their most easy way to die, the flaw could kill them easily, Karen had a feeling hers was horrible, maybe believing that she could take on anything an win? Maybe that was what the dream was for, telling Karen what her flaw was, but she doubted it, she probably wouldn't have dreamt about that and find out that way, she just let it fly and pushed the thought out of her mind, she had to deal with this first. She decided to smile, "My apologies, I was sleeping and had a nightmare, apparently when I screamed for help, I did it in the waking world to. By the way, I am Karen Westbrook, unclaimed." She brushed some hair out of her eyes and stood up, facing the demigod, she couldn't tell if they were younger or older than her.

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Sleep ((Open, PG-13 just in case))
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