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 Greeting a new day horribly wrong ((OPEN))

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Greeting a new day horribly wrong ((OPEN)) Empty
PostSubject: Greeting a new day horribly wrong ((OPEN))   Greeting a new day horribly wrong ((OPEN)) EmptyMon Jun 18, 2012 3:20 am

Karen woke up from the blackness in her new Cabin, the Eros cabin. She was the only one, so she had to wake up herself so she wouldn't be late. The bed groaned as she flipped onto her side and looked at the alarm clock, 5:50 AM. That's a little early, maybe I can go watch the sunrise, she thought. So she threw the covers off of her, man was she glad to not have boys staring at her all the time, especially when you are trying to sleep. Having the cabin to herself was amazing.

She then put some jeans on and a loose-fitting t-shirt that said something like "Love is awesome!" or whatever. She couldn't read it because of dyselxia, and she didn't really care. Karen reached up and tied her hair into a side-ponytail over her right shoulder and then put on shoes, she left behind her weapons though, not thinking she would need them. She turned and headed out the door into the darkness beyond, of course, off west the sky was turning milky white with the rising sun.

Karen started walking and she was more than likely the only one awake and eventually she came to the top of the hill and looked off into the distance. It was a cool, crisp morning with a gentle breeze and she could hear the insects humming in the Strawberry Field. She sighed and sat down, reaching her hands back so she was slightly tilted towards the sky, and she watched as one by one, the stars faded away, being replaced by a milky white sky.

She smiled and felt the air warm up as the sun slowly rose above the horizon, turning the milky sky into orange and yellows, casting a brilliant light upon the camp. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises she had seen, not to mention one of the most beautiful mornings she had ever witnessed. Everything seemed to agree with each other and make the atmosphere feel amazing, the temperature, the wind, the light, the bugs, everything. She straightened out her ponytail so it was straight behind her head.

Her smile quickly faded as a manticore raced across the fields in front of the hill straight towards her, which was strange, shouldn't it know it couldn't get in? Or was it allowed in by someone or something? She didn't question the second thought, as she knew it was somehow right. She stood up quickly and turned and sprinted with that speed she had down the hill, her brown hair trailing behind her, she needed help fast, she had left her weapons in the cabin, man was that a mistake, why would she go anywhere weaponless?

No one would be up this early right? Wrong, not 5 seconds after she thought that she crashed into a demigod, sending them both to the ground, she said out of breath, "SORRY! Manticore--got in camp--chasing me--need help--left weapons in cabin." Karen stood up and faced the hill to see where it was, only 100 yards away, crap. She desperately hoped this kid had weapons, otherwise they were dead. She hadn't even stopped to process if they were boy or girl yet or if they had met before, she was in defense mode, but the problem was, she had no weapon. "Please help, I can't fight it with no weapons." She wondered what was going on in their mind, was it fear? Wondering what happened? Wondering why a demigod would go anywhere without a weapon? At least that was going on in her mind, she had greeted a new day horribly wrong.
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Greeting a new day horribly wrong ((OPEN))
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