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 Always Hit the Bullseye ((Open))

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Lars Halford
Unclaimed Greek Demigod
Lars Halford

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Always Hit the Bullseye ((Open)) Empty
PostSubject: Always Hit the Bullseye ((Open))   Always Hit the Bullseye ((Open)) EmptyTue Jun 26, 2012 12:12 pm

It was almost 9 days until his birthday and he had been at camp for 4 years, yet he still wasn't claimed. He didn't even know if his parent was male or female, as they had both either died or left him. Lars just wished he knew, and he wanted to calm down. Thing was, he couldn't fly today, it was too cloudy. Well, that sucks, he thought, he wanted to fly but knew he couldn't, stupid FAA rules. Another place that calmed him a bit was being in the outdoors, and the woods was a perfect example of that. Yeah, he knew the warnings not to go in alone, but he could care less, he had a gun, right?

Lars was lying down in the Hermes cabin thinking this over when he finally stood up and slipped on his hiking boots and putting on his aviators jacket, attatching his Colt M1911 handgun to his belt and putting the M16 gun around his shoulders. He then shouldered a pack, which had magazines of celestial bronze bullets, and he put some of the clips in his pockets for quick and easy access. Then he strapped a sword to his other side, just in case he ran out of ammo, which was unlikely. Lars then slipped the aviator glasses over his eyes and walked out the door into the warm afternoon.

He went ahead and loaded a clip up, but turned the safety on as not to shoot anyone by accident, that was sure to get them taken away from him. The 16 year old felt like he was in the military, he had the M16 and the M1911, both military issued guns. Of course, they were modified for celestial bronze and he knew he wasn't in the military at all. Sometimes he hated his height, being 6'5, you had to duck often and everyone else looked up at you.

Lars stepped into the woods, looking out for monsters, he was a much better shot then he was at fighting with a sword, so he clutched his gun and looked down the sights as he walked, turning the safety off, if any demigod appeared and he didn't recognize it, they would be shot dead. He double-checked that the switch was switched to automatic and continued further. Eventually he found a rock and sat down, turning the safety on and setting the gun down. In the back of his mind he knew he would need it.

His mind was right, not but 10 minutes later a huge hellhound lept through, wait, a hellhound?! Those couldn't get inside the border, but there it was, growling at him. Lars grabbed for his gun and switched the safety off and aimed. He fired, the kick barely even felt and gunfire rang throughout the afternoon air, he unloaded a full clip on it, which was sufficient, as soon as the last bullet passed through its head, it turned to dust. He quickly dropped the clip and loaded another one in its place.

Then a demigod stepped out from behind him, "That was some nice shooting." He jumped at least 20 feet, he turned around and was about to shoot when he saw it was a demigod so he put it over his shoulder, turning on the safety and said, "Gods, you scared me, I almost shot you, please be more careful if you hear gunfire, I don't want to kill anyone." It was stern but calm, he wanted to get the point across but did not want to sound mean. Lars cared about safety, and scaring someone with a gun was NOT safe.

"Anyways, now that I didn't shoot you and every demigod here seems safe for now, I'll introduce myself, I'm Lars, unclaimed, I am a pilot, I have my private pilots license. Now for you, you are?" Lars asked nicely, smiling. His aviator glasses were still on, and things seemed dark with the shadows so he moved into the sun and shoulder his bag which had ammunition and some bottles of water. Lars then took a bottle of water out and drank some of it, making sure his mouth didn't touch it and then tossed it to the demigod, "here, have some water, I have more in my pack."

The demigod seemed very interested in his M16 and M1911 guns, and he couldn't blame him, Lars didn't know of any other demigod that carried a gun, or at least owned one. "This is an M16, it shoots full auto, tri-burst, and semi-auto, and the Colot M1911 shoots semi-auto. Both are military grade weapons, modified to shoot celestial bronze, very useful and can easily kill some monsters, makes fighting easier for me." Lars explained, pointing to the guns as he spoke about them, and holding them out for the demigod to examine, but not hold or touch, he didn't want the demigod shooting him or breaking them.

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Always Hit the Bullseye ((Open))
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