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 Uh..... a hill?

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Angel Mistillo
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Uh..... a hill? Empty
PostSubject: Uh..... a hill?   Uh..... a hill? EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 7:35 pm

The grey sky was so beautiful,the clouds just seem to circle Angel. No one knows how he got up there and nobody wanted to know. They noticed him but didn't say anything about. Angel was a sleep on a sleeping bag he planted up there. each day he wakes up and his face lit up at the sight. A dove, a beautiful dove, a sign of good luck. He didn't see no other type of birds up there except Pigeons so it was a blessing and new company. Angel reached over for it and the dove did't budge a bit. Angel's grin was so big." Hey little buddy, I'm Angel, never seen you around here.

The bird walked into his hands. Warming up to him. Angel thought it was amazing, but he seen the bird wanted to fly now and he released the bird. He sighed, running after it but stopped when the bird was flying in mid air, Angel wish he could fly, he leaned against the small gate he has made to make sure he wouldn't fall off. Angel Mistillo has been livng on his own on top of a sky scraper for two weeks now. No Bruises or aything across his face since, he hasn't been fantasizing in a while because he feels his life is just so perfect. As he looked up something spooked him, something fly, it was huge and not a pigeon. He stepped back as something jumped on th top of building, he was scared and somehow he fell and hit his head. Everything going white....

Still in his pajamas, Angel wakes up, leaning against a tree, he jumped up. Wasn't he on the skyscaper? But then he remembered the thing that was gonna attack him. Or was it? He can't remember now as he yelled," Where am I!"
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Uh..... a hill?
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