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 Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop)

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Chlohera Ariachne
Chlohera Ariachne

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Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop) Empty
PostSubject: Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop)   Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop) EmptyThu Jun 28, 2012 7:55 pm

Welcome to my graphics shop. I'm Chlohera and if you need or want some graphics i will be happy to make you some. Here below are some examples of my graphics.

Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop) AilishAvalonPayne-1
Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop) AilishAvalonPayne
Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop) Ad
Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop) AdreanaCole-1
Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop) ElizebethFrost

That's all of the examples i have right now and i'm just a beginner. I might have more examples later. Anyways if you want to order from me here is the form. If you need to animate your pics just ask no need for a form but include the links to the pics please.


Anything else?:
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Star Gazers (Chlohera's Graphics Shop)
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