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All about Thomas Kirtley

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Camp Halfblood, the Halls of Asgard, Valhalla, the FAYZ, Empire City, Camelot High, Marvel/DC Universe, Biofuse, New Maraias, Camp Jupiter, and a convention for the Organization of Nazi Twinkies. also, I'm behind a Computer.
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Online: Admin(7 sites), Moderator(3 sites), Chatbox Moderator(2 sites), Member(14 sites), Wikia Contributor(3 Wikis). III Offline: Carpenter, Cook, Clean-up Boy, Nuisance, Student, Pyro, cardplayer, MAGIC Duelist, Video Gamer, Metalhead, Headbanger, Drummer.
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All those in Job/Hobbies, and I still find free time to reply to Thomigail o.O
Thomas Kirtley
Thomas Kirtley
Rank: Moderator
Son of Eris