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PostSubject: DEMIGOD POWERS   DEMIGOD POWERS EmptyFri May 04, 2012 5:43 pm


The following is a list of all demigod powers that you may possess, and their limits:


Aphrodite - Influence over love and relationships, and most are able to speak French fluently. When first claimed Aphrodite's blessing for a few days. Some may have charm-speaking abilities.

Apollo - Healing, archery, poetry, limited control of light, and cursing to make others speak only in poetry.

Ares - The ability to handle most, if not all weapons expertly, and curse others so their weapons no longer can be used effectively.

Artemis - (HUNTERS ONLY) Archery, and immortality as long as not killed in battle, heightened swiftness and fighting skills, faint silver glow.

Athena - Wisdom, maybe heightened IQ. Ability to plan more effectively than most other cabins.

Demeter - Influence over nature. Can wrap vines around people/things.

Dionysus - Influence over nature, primarily grapes and berries. Can wrap vines around people/things. Mild control of madness as well.

Hades - Control over all things underworld, can summon dead, mild control of the element of Earth, can communicate with ghosts, shadow traveling, etc.

Hephaestus - Ability to forge materials and weapons of superior quality. Occasionally have the ability to control fire, but it is extremely rare. Can create certain magic items and weapons, although staff approval is required before magic weapons or items can be forged. That includes any weapon that can change into a key-chain, necklace, etc.

Hera - N/A

Hermes - Heightened ability to steal, some influence over travel and speed. Some have the ability to silence their movements.

Poseidon - Control of all things water, also mild control of hurricanes and also earthquakes. Can communicate with horses and sea creatures.

Zeus - Control of all things sky, including lightning. Electricity does not effect them as it would on a normal person. Some communication with creatures of the air. Also can control the air, at great expense to their energy.

More things can be found on Wikipedia under profiles for the characters. i.e: Search "Percy Jackson", or "Nico di Angelo", etc., and if there is an article, it will list all powers associated with that character. Some of them had a heck of a lot of powers listed, and I didn't want to type them all.


Aeolus - They can influence wind to an extent, although gusts of more than 25 mph (?) can kill them.

Baubo - Can make anyone laugh. Generally have a great sense of humor, and they can easily make friends. They can also influence people positively, including enemies.

Dolofínes - Children of the Dolofínes have the ability to amplify pain and dark emotions in people, such as anger, anguish, despair, etc. Also, their aura makes people dislike them almost instantly, and they mostly find it very difficult to make friends.

Dolos - May be especially mischievous and/or tricky, and are quick and clever.

Erebus - Ability to create small illusions out of shadow. Erebus children can also shadow travel, but at great expense to their energy, and no more then twice a day.

Eris - Able to influence chaos by inciting feelings of anger or greed or jealousy.

Eos - Can see better than most in low-light conditions. Also, they have the ability to increase their physical strength at sunrise, but that power wanes as the day continues. Also, children of Eos sometimes "radiate" light, in the sense that things get noticeably brighter when they're around.

Eros - Ability to shoot people with arrows that make them love or hate others. Also have a type of arrow that causes indifference. Influence over love and relationships

Hebe - Children of Hebe do not have any known major abilities; however, they do age slower than normal demigods, and enjoy long natural lifespans. Additionally, they forgive and are forgiven easily, representing the other aspect of Hebe.

Hecate - Ability to learn and perform advanced magic, may attain immortality if right spell found. Very minor control of empousae in some situations.

Hestia - N/A

Hypnos - Can influence sleep, but are not good at manipulating dreams. Can send someone into such a deep sleep that their memories return.

Iris - Influence over rainbows, maybe able to send messages without the aid of Iris, perhaps mild influence over colors.

Khione - Khione's children can control snow and ice, but at great cost to their well being. Also, they cannot freeze whole people, as they wouldn't have enough energy to do so.

Kratos - The nature of Kratos is largely unknown, as are the powers of his children. However, as the embodiment of strength and power, it is said that his children posses the ability of enhanced strength, although only in moments of extreme emotion, such as fear or anger.

Momos - Able to find fault in things easily, heightened sense of irony. They are also gifted with the ability to recognize what types of verbal statements will hurt people the most, stemming from their father's reputation as the god of "evil-spirited blame and unfair criticism."

Morpheus - Can influence dreams, but are not that good at influencing sleep. Additionally, they have the ability to dreamwalk, and they can shift into an alternate form for a short period of time, usually a small dog or bird.

Melpomene - Love of singing and tragedy.

Nemesis - The ability to incite a lust for revenge in other people.

Nike - Fierce competitiveness, have a heightened ability to win things.

Nyx - Ability to stop time at night, also can somewhat control darkness, and they share the ability to shadow travel with the Hades kids, albeit they can't travel as far. Enhanced ability to see in the dark.

Phthonos - The ability to incite jealousy, ill-will, etc into others, and the ability to... scream?

Thanatos - Travel through the underworld, the ability to release souls, although to a lesser extent then that of Hades children.

Zelus - The ability to make others feel competitive and fight amongst each other.


Juturna Pax - Have limited control of water. Certainly nothing on the order of Poseidon/Neptune's control over it, but they get some perks regarding waterways and fountains - the aesthetics, if you will. Most notable of these "bonus" is the ability to color water and make it shoot or fall in pretty patterns that resemble fountains.


Prometheus - The Prometheus children can plan extraordinarily well, and their plans are often successful. They can also sometimes predict the outcome of an event with high accuracy, although that ability is extremely difficult to control, and indeed sometimes does not even manifest itself. They also can be wrong in their predictions.

As more Gods/Goddesses arrive, this list shall be updated accordingly.

TO POSSES CERTAIN POWERS THAT ARE RARE, SUCH AS CHARMSPEAKING OR FIRE CONTROL, ETC., PLEASE MESSAGE AN ADMIN FOR APPROVAL! Oh, and Hephaestus children need approval to forge magical weapons from an admin.

(Thanks Half Blood Hill!)

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