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 Meet the Staff!

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PostSubject: Meet the Staff!   Meet the Staff! EmptyThu May 03, 2012 5:57 pm

Hi, everyone! Thanks for joining! Without our staff this forum wouldn't exist! So meet the amazing staff!
First, the Admins!
(AKA Septimus Brown)

Member of The Career Killers and creator of this site!
Hey guys! I'm Cat, the creator of this site. I'm currently twelve, and an epic nerd. If you say otherwise, you lie. Here are a few facts about me: I play French Horn, have one dog, my favorite color is blue, I love Harry Potter/Percy Jackson/ every other book series there is out there. I'm not busy much of the time, so I'll be on. Feel free to PM me about anything! By the way, Death Cab for Cutie and Owl City for the win!

(aka Arabella Adams)

Goddess of Magic and co-creator of the site!
Hi! I'm Sophie, co-creater of this site but I prefer you call me Hecate or Arabella dependig what account I'm on. You guys might know me as Julie Baker (you can call me that too) from Half-Blood Hill. Currently, I'm twelve years old. Because I have no idea what to write right now, I'm just gonna state random fact about myself. I play the piano and the clarinet. I've got two cats and I'm a good student, most of the time. In real life, I'm a nice person but Hecate (being Hecate) isn't really. I love to read and write. My favorite books have to be Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Hunger Games. Since I have no life, I'll be on a lot. If you have any questions feel free to PM me!
And now... the moderators!
Audrey Merrett!
Daughter of Hecate
(aka Cayden Shore)

Hey there, everyone! I'm Audrey, but feel free to call me Chloe or Carly, as those are my characters from other various sites. I'll probably update this later, but for now, here are a few facts about me. I LOVE the the movie Hugo and my favorite actor and actress are Asa Butterfield and Chloë Grace Moretz. I also love Harry Potter, Owl City, and The Chronicles of Narnia.
To be updated~


Thomas Kirtley!
Son of Eris

Mae govanean, mellon nin! (Translation: Well met, my friend!) I'm Thomas Kirtley, Son of Eris, goddess of Strife and Discord, and Moderator of the lovely site you are on right now. I happen to be somewhat experienced at moderating (though I'm more experienced as an Administrator) and I am very glad to be of assistance. If I ever start typing horribly, please assume it is due to the fact that I cannot focus on my typing, because I'm too busy headbanging to my fav. Metal bands like Dragonforce, Manowar, Black Veil Brides, Black Sabbath, Lita Ford, Def Leppard, Etc. XD At any rate, I'm generally harmless, unless you're a Demon. Then, feel the wrath of my Ping Pong Paddle! And for those of you who know what I said before I translated, Lord of the Rings for the Win!

Clove Tyler!
Daughter of Ares

Hello there! I'm Clove, daughter of Ares, God of War. I'm also known as Sephrenia Sparhawk, Aphrodite (Sephrodite) and Emma Amunet on other sites. My character is one of the more evil ones on the site but I'm actually quite a nice girl, ahem, woman. I'm 20 years old and doing a study called: Biological and Medical Laboratory research. If you wonder why you hardly ever see me online, I'm probably on another continent (Europe) so online when you're all sleeping (It's quite frustrating actually). Feel free to PM me for any questions! I hope to be of help and I wish you lots of fun on this epic site!!
Last but not least…the Senior Members!

Sophie Rainde!
Daughter of Athena
(aka Johnnyboy)

Oh, didn't see you there! No worries, I'm not blind. Well, I'm Sophie Rainde, daughter of Athena, and I also double as Johnnyboy, the son of Apollo. Yeah, I'm just that important. But you may also know me on several other sites, such as HBH, Olympia Games, and PJO. My various names are: Jennifer, Sophie, Johnnyboy, Zoe, Sam, Eos, or Jenny, if you're Jenn or Clove and insist on calling me that. I love to RP, seriously, it's like, my life. But when I'm not on the computer, I like to read, write, play in band, or plan out more RP's. Don't worry, I am not obsessed, just...very immersed. If you ever need to start a conversation with me (woe for you), just mention Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or the Hunger Games and I'll go crazy. Remember, if you ever need help, have questions, or just wanna RP, PM me!

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Meet the Staff!
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