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 Arriving at Camp ((open to two))

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Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) Empty
PostSubject: Arriving at Camp ((open to two))   Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) EmptySun May 06, 2012 11:08 pm

Poppy had gone through a lot in the past few days. Monsters, the death of her best friend since kindergarden, a type of lonliness she had never experienced before. With only nature to keep her company, she had learned to be by herself and not talk to people. With the exception of yelling at them to get out of her way when they tried to say hello to a "cute" little girl. Sometimes it annoyed her how stupid it seemed like most all of the mortals were. She would show them her knives to scare them away, and all they would to was laugh at her and tell her to give those back to her "daddy". Then she would throw the knife straight threw the center of their briefcase or purse, then they'd usually shut up.

Her face had a sort of serious look mixed with a fixed death glare. She slowly truged her way up the hill, with a single thought playing itself over and over in her mind. Cody might have been here. Since he was a satyr and supposed to be the one to lead her to camp, he must've been at the actual camp before, right? She had to keep her mind hanging on desperatly to that one peice of hope. Maybe someone here had known him, maybe he even had some friends here that could help her get over him. Not by forgetting him, but by relating with someone else the pain and hurt she was going through right now.

When she was about ten feet from the top of the hill, Poppy heard a branch crack. In the blink of an eye, she whipped out a knife and gripped the blade as she spun around behind her. It was simply a reaction that she had learned to make a habit of, since she'd been on her own for so long. Having to learn to take care of herself had done her some good. She had become a stronger person, and when you're a demigod with monsters around every turn, that's a good thing.

She heard another branch, but this time she heard it in front of her. Quickly running up the side of the hill, she peaked over the top, spotting someone staring back at her. Poppy spun the knife in her fingers and slid it back into her back pocket and cautiously walked up to what she assumed to be another demi-god. Still continueing to keep a straight face, she tilted her head slightly to the side and looked up at the stranger asking, "Who are you?" in her very strong British accenent.

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Rhiannon Bradley-Ellis
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Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Arriving at Camp ((open to two))   Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) EmptyWed May 09, 2012 9:00 pm

Rhiannon stepped out of the cabin, peering around. She wasn’t sure what exactly she was looking for. Truth be told, she probably wasn’t looking for anything in particular. She was just looking around, trying to figure out what she wanted to do. She had only been at camp for about a week, and she was still trying to get used to everything. She wasn’t sure how she felt about the sound or the lake, the amphitheatre was a nice place to hang out if other people were there, too, but the woods were a place for her to avoid at the moment since she still didn’t have a weapon yet. She knew she should talk to somebody in the Armory about that, but the idea of having a weapon was still odd to her.

Unsure of what else she could do, Rhiannon turned towards the Hill. She had come in that way not too long ago, but she already missed the land that lay beyond the border of camp. Camp was nice. It had just about everything she could ever need, plus extra protection. She knew it was dangerous for her out there now, but still, she wished she could go beyond the border for a day. For some reason, she felt a bit too contained at camp. As she reached the top of the hill, she looked out, eyes widening as she saw a girl coming towards her. She didn’t know why it surprised her to see somebody. New people probably came in every day. All the same, she was mildly shocked.

Suddenly, the girl whipped out a knife and spun around. Rhiannon jumped backwards, the quick movement scaring her. She still wasn’t used to demigods carrying weapons everywhere, and she definitely wasn’t used to those who whipped out their weapons that quickly. As she jumped back, she stepped on a branch that must have fallen from one of the nearby trees. The girl spun back around, and started charging up the hill. Rhiannon backed off a few paces, going a short distance back down the hill. When the girl reached the peak, she put her knife back in her pocket before approaching Rhiannon. Almost expressionless, she asked, “Who are you?” in an accent that clearly wasn’t American. Rhiannon tried not to stutter as she answered. “I’m Rhiannon Bradley-Ellis,” she said. “Who are you?”
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Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Arriving at Camp ((open to two))   Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) EmptyMon May 14, 2012 8:08 pm

Nemesis, goddess of Revenge

Nemesis had an over view of Camp Half-Blood. Her daughter had just arrived at camp.

With a snap of her fingers she appeared as a camper as she studied her daughter and the other girl she had no interest in. She only cared for her daughter. She had been through so much. Nemesis was early on this claiming. Her child was only twelve but why not get it over with? Less children to worry about. Nemesis was going to make this claiming quick and easy. She had things to do. Mostly getting revenge on people. She loved doing that.

She looked around the Camp. It had changed since she's last been there. There were a lot more campers. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing it wasn't neccessarily a good thing either. More demigods to claim. Nemesis rolled her eyes.

She approached Poppy slowly and cautiously. Yes, this was her daughter. "Good. You made  it to camp safely. That satyr wasn't a complete fool after all." Nemesis said right before she morphed into her goddess form. "Ahhh…Poppy. You're my daughter."

Nemesis almost forgot. "I see you have got those knives. Before I leave…" Nemesis pulled a necklace out of her pocket, "Take this. Tug on the skull charm and it'll turn into a knife."

Nemesis turned to the other girl that was slightly older than her daughter. "As for you, demigod, if you give my daughter a hard time, you'll pay!" Nemesis said right after she gabbed a finger at her. Flipping her hair, she turned back to Poppy. "I must go, child. Things to do people to see…" with a careless wave of her hand and a loud pop! Nemesis was gone. 

((Congratulations to Poppy, the new daughter of Nemesis!))

Hecate and Arabella Adams
Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) Julie_16
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PostSubject: Re: Arriving at Camp ((open to two))   Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) EmptyTue May 15, 2012 11:19 pm

Poppy looked at the girl in front of her, wondering about her past and generally everything about her. She had to be careful about her words if she intended to find out. "Poppy," she said simply. It wasn't the right time to relay everything to this girl, even if Rhiannon did already tell her her her whole name. It was strange seeing the camp for the first time ever and she tried to take everything in. She tried to look beyond the girl at the world behind her and what would soon be her new home. Noticing an array if cabins, she recalled something Cody had told her. All unclaimed demigods were to stay in the...Hermes cabin. If everything he told her was right, it wouldn't be fun.

Poppy knew she could handle herself even if she was the soon to be "new kid". She could flip a few knives, break a few spirits and she'd be on her way. Taking out another knife she twirled it in her fingers as she stared at Rhiannon. It seemed like she was almost...shaking. Why anyone would do that in her presence, Poppy didn't know. She knew she was scary but, almost trembling? Wasn't this supposed to be a camp for demigods? The offspring of the gods that ruled Mount Olympus? She was about to open her mouth to tell the girl her thoughts when she heard a noise behind her.

It appeared to be a normal camper like Rhiannon, but there was something different about this one. She couldn't place her finger on it, but she seemed almost, too powerful for a demigod. Suddenly all her questions were answered. The girl morphed into a god-like form and Poppy knew this was one of the gods from Mount Olympus. She never ever got scared but, standing in the presence of a goddess seemed to shake her foundation. Suddenly the women opened her mouth to speak, and she explained that she was Poppy's mother.

There was barely enough time to take everything in before her mother reached out and dropped something cold into her hand. She then explained it was a skull necklace and whenever she pulled on the charm, it would transform into a knife. Poppy was about to squeal with excitement! Now she would always have a knife with her when she didn't feel like carrying one in her pockets or if she was wearing clothes without pockets. Her mother turned to Rhiannon and said a few words to her but she was zoned out, daydreaming of all the possible fun she could have at camp now. Nemesis was the goddess of revenge, there's a lot of ways to go with that.

Soon enough though, she was snapped out of her thoughts by a loud pop and when she looked up, her mother was gone. Hooking the necklace around her neck, she looked at the girl next to her. "Would you mind showing me the Nemisis cabin?"

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Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Arriving at Camp ((open to two))   Arriving at Camp ((open to two)) Empty

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Arriving at Camp ((open to two))
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