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 Hight Limit On Signatures

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Hight Limit On Signatures Empty
PostSubject: Hight Limit On Signatures   Hight Limit On Signatures EmptySun May 20, 2012 4:02 pm

Your signature cannot be taller than 500 pixels. I'll give you a week of grace period to scale your sig down. Then, we'll PM you. If you signature is still too large, a member of the staff will just remove it, without PMing you any kind of warning.

Now, you may be wondering quite how big 500 pixels actually is. I created the image below to give you some kind of an idea.


The easiest way to see if you signature is too big (in my opinion, anyways) is to hold up your thumb and forefinger to each of the two lines, then keep them on the screen as you scroll to your signature.

So what are you waiting for? Fix those signatures before we have to fix them for you!
(Thanks, HBH)

Hecate and Arabella Adams
Hight Limit On Signatures Julie_16
Set by Hades from HBH. Isn't he just amazing?
Hight Limit On Signatures D6715e91
Siggy by Jean and Bonnie's graphic shop on HBH
Hecate speaks in #990066
Trivia speaks in #26466D
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Hight Limit On Signatures
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