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 Who're you? BAM! Instant friends! (Alex)

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Who're you? BAM! Instant friends! (Alex) Empty
PostSubject: Who're you? BAM! Instant friends! (Alex)   Who're you? BAM! Instant friends! (Alex) EmptyThu May 31, 2012 8:12 pm

Sep was just hanging out in the Hermes cabin, watching people. He sat down on his sleeping bag, watching. It was interesting watching people do whatever they did when they thought no one was watching. Yet sometimes people did watch-- even if they weren't creepers. Well, sometimes they could be called creepers, but Sep was pretty sure he wasn't...

Soon enough he'd seen a random guy packing. Another claimed. Sep wished he would be claimed soon. Wasn't there a rule as to where people had to be claimed before 13? Well, Sep was nearly 19, so they were a little late... just a little, you know? Only about... six years. Sep sighed, and walked up to the guy.

"I'm Sep. I'm also guessing you were claimed recently? What's your name?" Being closer, Sep could actually see the guy. He was younger than him, by a few years maybe. He'd black hair, which was pretty shaggy, brown eyes, and tanned skin. He looked like... like a tan Justin Beiber. Well... that was... something Sep usually didn't find cool? His parent had to be the god or goddess of... something weird.

((Meh, my muse level has gone down DX Sorry for shortness.))

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Who're you? BAM! Instant friends! (Alex) Lunapic_134051014139604_9
Who're you? BAM! Instant friends! (Alex) TCK1
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Who're you? BAM! Instant friends! (Alex)
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