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 The Painter's Arrival {OPEN}

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The Painter's Arrival {OPEN} Empty
PostSubject: The Painter's Arrival {OPEN}   The Painter's Arrival {OPEN} EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 8:53 pm

Jamie crossed her hands. Her mood went from bad to worse.

Not just because the new student, Bernie, dragged her out from her art class to here, a place that he called 'camp' for people like her. Jamie still has a few canvas left either untouched or not finished, so she brought it too, figuring that she could finish them at this place. But one glance at the hill, and she suddenly knows; this is not an ordinary place. And definitely not a painter's camp.

This is where the mood gets worse. Bernie said he has to confess something. But instead confessing with his words, he take off his pants and shoes, as well as his newspaper boy's caps. Jamie gasped and shouting at him to put his clothes on, but she can't take off her eyes at his... hooves. And horns. What the!?

"Yeah." He gave Jamie an apologetic smile. "I'm a satyr."

If her jaw hinges wasn't strong enough, Jamie convinced that her lower jaw would dropped, literally. She can't speak, she can't even move when Bernie explained about how things are at this so-called Camp Half-Blood. She could only capture a few words: demigod. Boundary line. Gods. Greek. Unclaimed. Hermes Cabin. Summer.

Still in shock, Bernie stated that now Jamie should go ahead to her cabin, then talk to the senior about what to do next. "My job ends here." he said with a final tone. "Now if you excuse me, I should go ahead and tell the Elder."

Just like that, the annoying freshman/satyr trotting off to the woods. Soon after she couldn't see his tail, Jamie snapped. What kind of a person that drags someone out of nowhere, and then leave them alone?? That's just not right!

Grabbing her bag full of canvas in one hand and her painting equipment in another, she squinted her eyes towards the setting sun. She never like outside. But judging from the camper's activities, now she has to go outside. Since she's already here, maybe she should go to this... Hermes cabin. Jamie swears, if she saw that satyr again, she would color his butt with bright pink paint. A crash course on Greek and demigod at a short taxi ride was not enough, obviously!!

Now, to the cabin. But where is this place? Jamie could spot a few buildings, but she couldn't tell which one she should go. She sighed, hoping for anyone that might help her solve this issue.

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The Painter's Arrival {OPEN}
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