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 A Normal Day At The Beach

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Arabella Adams
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Arabella Adams

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PostSubject: A Normal Day At The Beach   A Normal Day At The Beach EmptyTue Jun 12, 2012 12:39 am

((Sorry for crappy name, never been good at those.))

Arabella sat in the Nike cabin bored out of her mind. She just carelessly sat in her cabin filing her nails. She was lonely. Probably because she had no other sibilings at all. She had been sittin there in her cabin ever since she had woken up at nine. Since she was the cabin leader, she got to choose all of her activities and such. She scheduled it so she could sleep in. She got up and moved the current. It was a bright sunny day so why didn't she go out and do something productive other than sit around filing her nails. But where to? The beach! She haddn't been there yet so why not? 

Since she haddn't changed cloths, she quickly changed into short-shorts and a tank top. She grabbed her shoulder bag, her sunglasses, and the dagger that she cut herself on in the woods. She also put on her medal that her mother had given her. Who knows when you need to win a competition? Arabella would probably win either way but the medal just made her chances greater. 

Finally, she was ready. She checked the clock as it struck ten thirty. Ara whipped over the door and stepped outside. The sun shone brightly on her face making her squint so she put on her sunglasses. Maybe she shouldn't go to the beach. Arabella wasn't one to stay outside on a nice day. She sighed and trudged to the beach. Wherever it was… 

Even though Ara wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed she still wasn't completely stupid. She did find her way to the beach even though she didn't know where it was. All she had to do was talk to some campers that had been there longer than she had, and listen to the sound of crashing waves. She wasn't a dumb blonde after all. She stuck up her chin proudly and kept walking until her feet touched the sand. 

She wasn't fond of walking or sitting in the sand so she chose a rock to sit on. It was just as boring as as in her cabin except it was outside… She sighed again. She waished she had an ipod or something.entertaining. Instead she just pulled out her nail file again.

"Why does my life have to be so boring?" Ara ranted to herself as she threw down her nail filer. "When is this stupid quest even start?"

((Sorry for shortness))
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Roisin ó Floinn
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Roisin ó Floinn

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PostSubject: Re: A Normal Day At The Beach   A Normal Day At The Beach EmptyWed Jun 13, 2012 1:42 am

Roisin had been sleeping in the crowded Hermes cabin and had ended up on the floor she cussed under her breath angrily. Someone else had taken her bed and it bothered her quite a lot. She stood up and let her long ginger hair fall out of her pony she walked to the bathroom and groaned she looked horrid cailín dúrshe scolded herself in her native tong. Roisin rummaged through her bag pulling out random things until she found her bright green hair brush. She began to run the brush through her hair trying to undo the knots with no luck that made her feel icky. She then decides to shower so she grabbed her shampoo and conditioner she stepped into the shower.

Roisin yelped because it was so cold she cranked the heat up she slowly let the water wake her up she began brush her teeth in the shower. She knew it was weird but it saved her time. Roisin stepped out with a SpongeBob towel wrapped around her. She went to her bag and pulled her under garments out of the bag slipping them on. Then Roisin picked through her clothing nothing fit the occasion. The occasion being a normal day when she was bored. What to wear? She finally decides on a low cutting white blouse a denim mini skirt and long leather boots. The brush ran smoothly through her hair this time she smiled and put all her cloths back. Her bright blue hair dryer began to blow warm air onto her sopping wet hair.

Now feeling clean again she took out her make up case. The girl decide on black eyeliner a brown smokey eye and mascara. She looked around bored with herself. Another camper grumbled about her stuff being everywhere. Rolling her eyes she walked over and put all her stuff away. What to do what to do she wondered to herself. Then a sparkle came to her eye and a smirk to her face. What else would a girl like her do build some guy up just to throw him back down DUHH she scolded herself again. She checked the mirror to make sure she looked good and was out. she headed towrds the long islland sound.

((oh short sorry))((why pg-13?))
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A Normal Day At The Beach
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