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 Visiting the Pegasi ((OPEN))

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Lars Halford
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PostSubject: Visiting the Pegasi ((OPEN))   Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:26 pm

Karen sat in the crowded Hermes cabin after lunch. She was well aware of the boys "accidentaly" brushing her and staring at her. She just smiled at them, trying not to look annoyed. After a few more minutes she stood up, tied her hair back into a ponytail and walked out of the cabin. She needed to get out of there. Karen was wearing a green tanktop and jeans with no makeup or jewlrey as usual.

She sat down on the porch of the cabin thinking and wondering where she should go. The stables? She hadn't really been around there and there wouldn't be that many people there. Karen then stood up and headed towards them, maybe feed some pegasi? There was probably a riding class going on, but she wouldn't disturb them, at least she hoped.

She walked in and found one of the feeding bins. Karen stuck her hand in and pulled out a handful, she wanted to feed them by hand. Just then a pegasus caught her eye, a pure white one that was staring at her, it looked like a girl so Karen decided to walk over to it. She walked slowly, holding her hand out, "Hey there, I'm Karen." she said calmly to it. The pegasus let her approach and took a mouthful of food out of her hand. "Nice girl, you are a girl right?" Karen asked, it whinnied, probably in agreement. She pet it's nose as it continued to eat out of her hand.

Karen turned around and told the pegasus she was going to get more food. She knew that they could talk and had feelings, she had heard stories of Poseidon children speaking to them. As she grabbed another handful she looked over and saw someone else walk in. She waved at them and smiled, leaning over the bin. She turned around and fed the pegasus again, it neighed and spread its wings, Karen laughed at that, it was a beautiful creature.

She noticed someone else, the person that had just walked in, stood next to her. Karen asked them, "Beautiful creature isn't it?" She looked over at them smiling. Karen then turned her attention back to the winged horse and fed it more, patting its side. When she went pegasus riding next, she would ride this one, it seemed to like her. She somehow decided to name it Snow, it seemed to fit the girl pegasus, but she asked the person next to her, "Do you know what her name is? I think Snow fits her, but I don't want to name her something else other than her original name."

Maybe this person knew the pegasus' name, maybe not. She looked up and down the stalls, a bunch of pegasus were there, at least 14, and her suspicions about a riding class was right, there was a class, but they were paying no attention to her and was listening to the presentation, which was nice, she got a lot of attention in the Hermes cabin as it was.
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Sophie Rainde
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the Pegasi ((OPEN))   Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:38 pm

Sophie was definitely starting to like camp. She was totally settled in, and it seemed like she'd been here forever now, even though it had only been a few weeks. She'd practically visited everywhere in camp, except for one place. The stables.

Sophie had a certain dislike for the stables. She suspected that it had something to do with the small fued with Athena and Poseidon. Poseidon had created horses, and he and Athena didn't get along very well. Maybe that got passed on to their children. Regardless, Sophie had never visited the place, but after a while, and after hearing many good reviews of the place, Sophie decided it was time to check it out, and see if there was a horse she could possibly make amends with.

She was in the Athena cabin, but she was alone. Her siblings were all out doing something or another, maybe training or eating. Sophie could have gone out, but she had felt like staying inside today, maybe read a bit. She had done that, but it was nice outside, and it was so nice, Sophie decided today would be the day she checked out the stables.

Sophie got changed into her Camp t-shirt, some jeans, and sandals, and put on her necklace, a gift from Athena. She probably didn't need the dagger that it concealed, but she wasn't sure if the horses were going to like her, so she decided it was totally neccesary. Sophie then left the cabin, and headed towards her location.

When she got there, she saw she had disrupted a riding class. She apologized, and they quickly moved on, leaving her alone. Good. Sophie eyed the horses, trying to look for the one least likely to bite her. But before she could decide, she saw somebody else, already at a white horse. Sophie walked over to her. Maybe the horse wouldn't try anything near someone else. Sophie focused on the girl she was standing next to, just to see what she was dealing with.

Thankfully, she knew this girl. Her name was...Karen? Yeah, that was it. They had met briefly at the dance Camp Half-Blood had recently hosted, in which a lot happened. Sophie definitely wasn't expecting a prophecy, especially not by the love goddess. But she'd focus on that later. She shook her head, to come back into reality, and noticed Karen had spoken, asking on how it was a beautiful creature.

"I guess," Sophie said, somewhat disdainfully. She still wasn't sure about horses, but they didn't seem so bad, now that she was closer. Who knows, she might actually learn how to ride one someday. She decided she'd better re-introduce herself, in case Karen forgot. "This is Sophie...from the dance?" Sophie said, modeling it like a question. She smiled, but it quickly disappeared. "I don't know...I've never been here before," Sophie confessed. "But I guess Snow works," she supplied quickly.

She got a bit closer to the horse. "Hey there," she said nervously. She quickly patted the horse, and backed away, in case it tried to attack. It didn't, but Sophie still didn't trust it. She glanced at Karen again. "Er, I'm not good with animals," Sophie said, to try and justify her actions. She glanced at the horse again, and waited for either Karen or the horse to do something.
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Andrew Kicklighter
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the Pegasi ((OPEN))   Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:29 pm

((I'll wait for another reply before I post))
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the Pegasi ((OPEN))   

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Visiting the Pegasi ((OPEN))
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